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        National Coverage...Local Service...Bundled Billing & Reporting

FUELTRAC's various fleet services are all "bundled" through ONE monthly invoice and detailed report.

Universal Fleet Fuel Card

Our national universally accepted fleet fuel card will help you manage & control fuel costs by setting purchase limits by card.  Our fuel card is accepted at 200,000+ locations.

Take advantage of our on-line account maintenance and robust reporting features all designed to help reduce time managing your fleet's fuel expenses.  You will be assigned a local customer service representative that will assist you in managing your fleets changing fuel needs.

Card Lock System (On-site Tanks)

We can help you manage the fuel in your tanks through our on-site "card lock" system.  Our system allows for the same fuel card you use at fuel stations to be used at your on-site fuel island - "pay as you pump".  We will combine fuel dispensed on-site with fuel purchased off-site onto ONE detailed fleet management report.  Our automated program also offers consigned fuel through your tank and helps control inventory.

Emergency Preparedness Plans

We can assist you with emergency fuel through our universal "emergency" fuel cards. Be prepared during a natural disaster, make sure you have Universal "Emergency" Fuel Cards.

Additional Products & Services:

Bio Diesel

This is available and offers fleet operators a safer, cleaner alternative to petroleum diesel.

Aviation Fuel & Services

The FUELTRAC Voyager card is accepted at any airport or fixed-base operation.

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